Options provided by ThugD

~/thugd/src $ python run_tasks -h

    ThugD: Distributed Pure Python Honeyclient Implementation

    Usage: python [ thug-options ] url

    Optional Arguments:
    -h, --help                      show this help message and exit

    URL Options:
    -U  [ ...], --url  [ ...]       Enter Single/Multiple URL's to Analyze
    -uf , --url-file                File containing bunch of URL's(1 per line)

    Thug Distributed Options:
    -ia, --include-agent            Display Thug Version
    -qu  [ ...], --queue  [ ...]    Specify Queue/Queues to route URL's
                                   (*Single Queue: URL's will be routed to specified Queue,
                                    *Multiple Queues: URL's will be routed to ALL specified Queues)
    -qf , --queue-file              Specify File name containing Queue names(1 per line)

    Thug Options:
    -V, --version                   Display Thug Version
    -u , --useragent                Select a user agent(see below for values, default: winxpie60)
    -e , --events                   Enable comma-separated specified DOM events handling
    -w , --delay                    Set a maximum setTimeout/setInterval delay value (in milliseconds)
    -n , --logdir                   Set the log output directory
    -o , --output                   Log to a specified file
    -r , --referer                  Specify a referer
    -p , --proxy                    Specify a proxy (see below for format and supported schemes)
    -l, --local                     Analyze a locally saved page
    -x, --local-nofetch             Analyze a locally saved page and prevent remotecontent fetching
    -v, --verbose                   Enable verbose mode
    -d, --debug                     Enable debug mode
    -q, --quiet                     Disable console logging
    -m, --no-cache                  Disable local web cache
    -a, --ast-debug                 Enable AST debug mode (requires debug mode)
    -t , --threshold                Maximum pages to fetch
    -E, --extensive                 Extensive fetch of linked pages
    -T , --timeout                  Timeout in minutes

    -A , --adobepdf                 Specify the Adobe Acrobat Reader version (default: 9.1.0)
    -P, --no-adobepdf               Disable Adobe Acrobat Reader Plugin
    -S , --shockwave                Specify the Shockwave Flash version (default:
    -R, --no-shockwave              Disable Shockwave Flash Plugin
    -J , --javaplugin               Specify the Java Plugin version (default:
    -K, --no-javaplugin             Disable Java Plugin

    -Q , --urlclassifier            Specify a list of additional (comma separated) URL classifier rule files
    -W , --jsclassifier             Specify a list of additional (comma separated) JS classifier rule files

    Available User-Agents:
    winxpie60               Internet Explorer 6.0   (Windows XP)
    winxpie61               Internet Explorer 6.1   (Windows XP)
    winxpie70               Internet Explorer 7.0   (Windows XP)
    winxpie80               Internet Explorer 8.0   (Windows XP)
    winxpchrome20           Chrome 20.0.1132.47     (Windows XP)
    winxpfirefox12          Firefox 12.0            (Windows XP)
    winxpsafari5            Safari 5.1.7            (Windows XP)
    win2kie60               Internet Explorer 6.0   (Windows 2000)
    win2kie80               Internet Explorer 8.0   (Windows 2000)
    win7ie80                Internet Explorer 8.0   (Windows 7)
    win7ie90                Internet Explorer 9.0   (Windows 7)
    win7chrome20            Chrome 20.0.1132.47     (Windows 7)
    win7firefox3            Firefox 3.6.13          (Windows 7)
    win7safari5             Safari 5.1.7            (Windows 7)
    osx10safari5            Safari 5.1.1            (MacOS X 10.7.2)
    osx10chrome19           Chrome 19.0.1084.54     (MacOS X 10.7.4)
    galaxy2chrome18         Chrome 18.0.1025.166    (Samsung Galaxy S II,Android 4.0.3)
    galaxy2chrome25         Chrome 25.0.1364.123    (Samsung Galaxy S II,Android 4.0.3)
    linuxchrome26           Chrome 26.0.1410.19     (Linux)
    linuxfirefox19          Firefox 19.0            (Linux)

Different Methods of Distributing URL’s among workers:

  • Distributing Single URL with Default Queue (generic): By it a single URL will be put up in the generic queue, from which worker can fetch the URL and after processing it will return back the results to server.
~/thugd/src$ python -U
  • Single URL with Single Specified Queue(India): In it a single URL will be put up in the Specified Queue i.e. India (geolocation based queue) and not in generic queue. Then whenever a worker from country India connects it will automatically fetch the URL from it and do further processing on it.
~/thugd/src$ python -qu IN -U
  • Single URL with Multiple Specified Queues(India, Italy, China, US): In it a single URL will be putted up in multiple specified queues. Therefore a copy of a single URL will be put up in multiple queues and whenever workers corresponding to that queues will be attached they will process the URLs and return back the results.
~/thugd/src$ python -qu IN IT CN US -U
  • Multiple URL’s(Google, Twitter, Mozilla) with Single Specified Queue(India): This is a simple case where multiple URL’s are put up in a single specified queue like India in this case. So whenever workers corresponding to India will connect URLs will get processed by them.
~/thugd/src$ python -qu IN -U
  • Multiple URL’s(Google, Twitter, Mozilla) with Multiple Specified Queues(India, Italy, China, US): This is the advanced distribution as here multiple URL’s will be distributed among all the specified queues. Therefore according to this case Google, Twitter, Mozilla URL will be put up in all India, Italy, China, US queues.
~/thugd/src$ python -qu IN IT CN US -U
  • Multiple URL’s from file(urls.txt) with Multiple Specified Queues from file(queues.txt): This feature was added for reducing pain of specifying all URL’s and queues manually. By this URL’s and queues name would be fetched from the files specified and then every URL will be put up in every queue present in the file.
~/thugd/src$ python -qf queues.txt -uf urls.txt
  • Running Thug with following prioritized Agents: Multiple URL’s from file(urls.txt) with Multiple Specified Queues from file(queues.txt): In it every URL will be put up in every Queue with all the agent’s specified below one at a time, so that we can check the difference in attacks to different browsers. Therefore for a single URL 18 URL’s will be added to a queue because there are 18 different agents specified.
~/thugd/src$ python -qf queues.txt -uf urls.txt -ia

Agents Priority


Run Flower(optional)

$ flower

Open http://localhost:5555/ to access the tool.

Checking Active Queues

$ sudo rabbitmqctl list_queues


Workers are runned to help the Thug project to analyze the attacks on Clients. Please run the workers on your system as Server is running up there in US, so that we can analyze the attacks on clients and can secure users from these attacks.

Its a contribution to the Thug Project, so be the part of the Thug Project by running worker on your system.

Move inside the src folder of thugd

Single Worker

~/thugd/src$ celery worker -A ThugD.main_server.thugd -l info -n w1

Multiple Workers

~/thugd/src$ celery multi start w1 w2 w3 -A ThugD.main_server.thugd -l info

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