Libraries Used and Install

Libraries Used

  • Celery : Asynchronous Task Queue based on Distributed message passing, which is perfect choice for our implementation.
  • RabbitMQ : Its the Message Broker. Handles queues in Celery with capability to handle millions of tasks efficiently.
  • Flower : Monitoring & Management tool of Celery which helps us to monitor & manage all our Thug Clients working across the globe.
  • DnsPython : Used for DNS Querying the Team Cymru Service of IP to ASN Mapping.
  • LibRabbitMQ : This module is installed to use optimized client written in C.


  1. RabbitMQ Server
$ sudo apt-get install rabbitmq-server
  1. Celery
$ pip install celery
  1. Flower
$ pip install flower
  1. DnsPython
$ pip install dnspython
  1. LibRabbitMQ: Optimizing Worker
$ pip install librabbitmq

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